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About us

58CORPORATION is a company specialized in the creation of tools and services for the launch of new businesses and to promote the development of foreign companies in Switzerland and Europe.

The Study Centre of 58CORPORATION gathers information, conducts research, testing and analysis, evaluates the feasibility of new projects and assist business owners in starting and promoting of their initiatives.

58CORPORATION helps foreign companies with Relocation Services in Switzerland supporting them at every stage of the transfer, from the technical point (move, choosing office space, technology, ...) till legal-administrative (human resources, partners , bank, ...).

58CORPORATION is also a business incubator that provides managerial assistance, access to financing and use of technical support services, helping businesses to survive and grow up in the start-up phase (access to technology, human capital, administrative and legal help in relationships and in development of business opportunities, etc...).

That's why we call ourselves "an island moving towards a new challenges, where you can land safely ", because 58CORPORATION is an essential element of new and more experienced entrepreneurs, bordering Switzerland and Europe, both to develop their idea of business to connect with the social, economic and political!

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