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Our divisions

58PROFIT supports foreign companies in establishing, managing and developing their business in Europe through a direct presence, stable and constant, with offices and dedicated staff in Switzerland.
Following businesses at every stage of development, from start-up to expansion in the commercial distribution european chain, until the installation of production sites on Swiss territory, through an in depth knowledge of the legal and administrative aspects.
58EUROPE deals with immigration assisting foreign people who want to create an alternative future or a new opportunity in Switzerland or in Italy.
The services that are carried out are financial, legal, real estate architecture, visas, residence and work permits.
LUXE is a Swiss company that provide services in the sectors of architecture, interior design, landscape, looking up and property valuation, for both foreign persons and companies, who want to settle in Switzerland.
58STORES comprises four e_commerce (Italy. India, China, Russia) with the best products of those countries. The catalog of E-Commerce includes the products of the companies attending programs 58PROFIT and 58EXPORT QUALITY, ranging from the world of design, fashion and food.
The Store has base in Locarno Switzerland.
STOREMADEINITALY.com is the first store of MADE in ITALY luxury products in China giving Italian companies a direct gateway to Chinese selected customers .
STOREMADEINCHINA.com is the first store of products MADE in CHINA in Europe.
58TRAVELS is a company that promotes tourism that selects the wonders of China, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Italy, telling and offering to European consumers.
The best hotels, restaurants, spa and natural beauty organized and ready for be visited by all!
58MAGAZINE is a company that deals with publishing of periodicals and E-magazine uniquely combine innovative creativity and practicality, efficiency and sustainability.
The true Chinese culture, Indian, Arabic reaches and is revealed in Europe.