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58CORPORATION is a Swiss company, innovative and continues to growing up, specializing in providing services to companies already existing business or new business activities.
Services 58CORPORATION consisting in offering assistance to both individuals and corporations who want to advance their business across Europe starting from Switzerland.
With our knowledge of the area, of the local mechanisms and of the support of specialized selected partners, we assure the customer the utmost professionality, discretion and effectiveness. The team of 58CORPORATION gathers information, conducts research, testing and analysis, evaluates the feasibility of new projects and assist business owners in starting and developing their initiatives (personal or business) in Switzerland.

58CORPORATION provides management support services to:

The consulting services offer companies a concrete support in Switzerland, together with the necessary skills to get more and more spaces and opportunities on the Swiss and European markets.

58CORPORATION is a business incubator that provides managerial assistance, access to financing and to use of technical support services (technology, human resources, administrative and legal help in relationships and in development of business opportunities, etc ...), helping businesses to grow up at that stage where they are more vulnerable until the actual expansion.
The incubator can be seen as a dynamic process of business development and is increasingly becoming an essential element for new businessman developing their business idea.
This phase usually includes the first three years of the new company, time period in which you can evaluate if the company is ready to stand on their own legs.

The purpose of an incubator is:
- Create successful businesses;
- Ensure that companies will leave the incubation program financially independent;
- Ensure that the incubated companies will strengthen the local economy.

This service is aimed at companies who want to move their head office to Switzerland opening up a new company, (in most cases the company is anonymous) or by opening a subsidiary, but without ties with the "mother company".

The task of 58CORPORATION will be to provide assistance and support necessary to every aspect of the transfer, such as tax, legal, real estate and financial related to the inclusion of the company in the environment still unknown. In both cases, the company will be completely new, with own capital and all the organs provided by Swiss law.

Our relocation services allow our clients to invest their energies in professional activities, without having to spend time on practical matters and bureaucracy that would delay the establishment of the head office in Switzerland and that the team 58CORPORATION will resolve for them personally. Today, the economy and the markets beyond the strictly local and regional, and it is for this reason that the Relocation company in Switzerland is a strategic decision to reposition the company in the new global competitive scenario.

It’s important to know that Article 718, paragraph 2, 3, 4 of the « Swiss Code of Obligations » states that:
«The board of directors may delegate the power of representation to one or more Administrators or to third parties (Directors).
At least one Administrators must be authorized to represent the company.
The company must be able to be represented by a person domiciled in Switzerland. This requirement may be fulfilled by Administrators or a Director ».
58CORPORATION is able to provide Directors Administrators and Executives Directors who will represent your company as « Nominees » or rather in your name.

A branch office is a secondary structure that has a certain degree of administrative autonomy, but not having legal personality depends directly by the mother company, which it pursues activities and purpose statement. The objective of the Branch Office is to develop new national and international markets.

The advantages of the branch office are:
- Flexible management; (firms constituted as a branch office may have offices and hire staff in Switzerland)
- Capital; (to open a branch office in Switzerland, it is not necessary to deposit a capital)
- Tax benefits; (withholding no tax (withholding tax). The branch office is subject to ordinary rate)
- Accounting; (less obligations relating to the presentation of accounts and accounting is independent of the mother company)

- Registration of the branch office; (to register a branch office in Switzerland, it is mandatory to provide evidence of the existence of the mother company)
- Name of the branch office; (the branch office must have the same name of the mother company)
- Branch office of a foreign company; (the branch office of a non-resident company must appoint a Swiss resident (natural or legal) to represent it before the tax authorities)

This service is open to foreign companies who wish to have a Fiscal Representation in Switzerland and can choose between these two solutions:

- Entrust this task to a person or Swiss domiciled;
- Entrust this task to a Swiss company that already exists as 58CORPORATION SA

The responsible for third parties, will be a person or a company responsible.
The Fiscal Representation in Switzerland cannot be registered in the Register of trade because it does not open any new company.

Therefore, the Fiscal Representation is therefore a contract in which the Settlor work in society that represents it to third parties, becoming made division of the company. Therefore, the Fiscal Representation is therefore a contract in which the Settlor work in society that represents it to third parties, becoming made division of the company. In this case becoming a Our Division of 58CORPORATION SA.
If the Division becomes particularly important and autonomous, able to establish, for example, an anonym company and its new, 58CORPORATION return the goods concerned once completed their obligations.

The Fiscal Representation allows definitively clear the goods in customs procedure without resorting to temporary customs clearance, improved liquidity in the case of contracts of high values, no loss of interest due to the advance of VAT on imports, in addition to have all the advantages enjoyed by the other companies of Swiss law (current accounts, personal, office, etc ...).

Domiciliation of your business is a key element for the success of your business. For this reason, 58CORPORATION offers a complete package that includes secretarial services to help your business in the administrative and legal matters, two steps from the center of Lugano, in the heart of the business of Ticino.

Starter Pack Domiciliation Commercial in 1200 CHF/year (about 1200 €/year) includes:
- Prestigious address in the heart of Lugano;
- Receiving correspondence from 8:00 to 18:00;
- Receiving recommended (by proxy);
- Resending weekly mail address of your choice;
- Provision of a phone number / fax common;
- Charges including stamps;
- Correspondence stops (we keep it for you).

Our rates are based on a volume of mail « ordinary ».

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