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Switzerland is an economic center of excellence in the heart of Europe. Known throughout the world for the excellent quality of life, infrastructure of first quality, innovative strength and the incomparable culture of precision. In a multicultural nation work with international workers and multilingual, and prestigious companies specialized in the fields of life sciences, cleantech, high tech, ICT and financial services.
The Swiss Parliament consists of two chambers treated: the National Council and the Council of States. Together they form the Federal Parliament and therefore the legislative power. The executive body of the government, the Federal Council, is the central government of Switzerland, and as such represents the highest authority in the country. It has seven members of the Federal Council, which in turn, each year, become President of the Confederation.
Switzerland has an attractive tax system, for businesses and for individuals. The system is modulated according to the federal structure of his country. Both individuals and companies are subject to three different types of taxation: national (federal tax), cantonal (cantonal), municipal (municipal tax).
Banks and financial institutions are one of the pillars of the Swiss economy. The Swiss franc is one of the strongest and most stable currencies. The money market and the financial of the country are among the most important in the world, as its main banks (UBS and Credit Suisse). Swiss banks are world leaders in the fields of private banking or wealth management for private clients cross-border, and the operation in general are simple and fast.
There are different types of companies. The Swiss companies can be formed to carry out the trading, investment real estate, brokerage of all kinds, to be used as the holding company, for management services and consulting, financial and commercial transactions, and all sorts of other activities permitted by Swiss law. The statutes define in detail purpose, share capital and the ways in which the company operates.
Undoubtedly a life project in Switzerland is certainly attractive but as each transfer, it must be carefully planned and programmed. Its distance from the borders Italian makes this country somehow more accessible, especially for those who live in the north of Italy. Even the Italian language spoken in Ticino is certainly a good reason to groped to live and work in Switzerland.
The quality of life, widespread prosperity, security, flexibility of the labor market, moderate taxation and professional assistance for starting new businesses make this country an ideal destination for many Italians. Finally we can say that in Switzerland are generally valued all professions and an eye on it to excellence. No doubt those who have the skills of high value is easier to find a job in Switzerland.
There are many platforms Swiss news and information on the web, where you can quickly find the weather, the guides geographical, for traffic info or status snowmaking various regions of Switzerland...
...all without suffering special dossiers on the economy, politics, culture, sports, and others; there mention some, useful for the Swiss living abroad and for those who are interested in Switzerland.